1. jinxyourself:




    The same unique expression. 40 years time difference.

    This is probably the greatest post I have ever seen on tumblr. Ever.

    She’s still so beautiful.

    she is stunning .

  2. are we going to ignore that one says sex??

  3. lookdifferentmtv:

    So in love with ALL of this from Girl Code’s race episode

    Want to work on your own racial biases? Check out our racial bias cleanse.

  4. torakowalski:

    I just keep reblogging this, every time I see it.

  5. teamfreewifi:


    whoever wrote this character was high as a kite

    Actually a lot of the lines were improved by the voice actor Josh Gad

    …who was probably defintely as high as a kite

  6. broccoleafveins:

    Ann-Margret in
    Bye Bye Birdie (1963)

  7. "Musical theater can save you, even if only for two or three hours at a time."
    Michelle Knudsen, Evil Librarian (via e-volt)
  8. monchele instagrams over the year aka the ones who broke us all

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